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Is This the Most Beautiful City Parade?

Is This the Most Beautiful City Parade?

Brooklyn's West Indian Day Parade plays host to some of the most scantily clad, colorful, and decadent marchers around. According to the Associated Press:

It was Brooklyn's version of Main Street USA. People waved flags from their front stoops, drumbeats filled the air and women in brightly colored sequined costumes and feather headdresses danced to reggae music as they marched Monday in the West Indian Day Parade.

Jamaican native Ann Marie Jones told the New York Post that the parade "remind me of back home ... the colors are so beautiful, they remind me of the vibrant tropical colors. They cheer me up.”

But the festival was marred by two bloody deaths. In a separate incident, a couple was shot and injured. It's not the first spate of violence at the festival. In 2011, a bystander was killed by a stray bullet when police fired on an armed suspect.

Below, photos by Reuters:

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