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Gratitude Map of the Day: Thank You London

Gratitude Map of the Day: Thank You London

Feeling bummed out about life in London? Check out this ThankYouLondon map displaying thank you messages for random acts of kindness. It's a work in progress, but so far, London's best is coming through.

In Regent's Park: "Best football game ever thanks guys."

On the Tube: "Thank you to the lovely guy at the Marble Arch Tube ticket office who got the money back off my lost OysterCard."

In Notting Hill: "Thanks for the beans."

In St. James's Park: "Thank you to the two older ladies who invited me to sit and listen/watch the Diamond Jubilee concert last summer when I was completely alone."

Elsewhere, thanks are given for restaurants, favors, family members, and even to a local hospital for doctors' calm during the poster's 1991 birth.

HT: Google Maps Mania.

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