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Prove You Love Your Girlfriend ... by Having Her Kidnapped

Prove You Love Your Girlfriend ... by Having Her Kidnapped

Kazakhstan's love-struck Romeos have a new way to demonstrate their affections.

A romantic not content with mere flowers and chocolates can now order a mock attack that makes his loved one feel threatened – and then step in to save his damsel in distress. "It’s a question of staged attacks during which the man, supposedly defending his girl, repels the bandits and becomes the hero," reports Tengri News. 

The Cupid behind the scenes is Almaty student Alan Temirbayev. He was inspired after impressing his girlfriend with his macho style during a real-life assault two years ago. "We have special effects, shots, whatever you want can be done," the brains of the operation says. "It’s essential to make it all look natural, so that the girl is frightened and the guy sees them all off."

The girl may well take fright. Bride kidnapping is not uncommon in Kazakhstan. 

Temirbayev says the business is a hobby rather than a money-spinner: He charges $50-$300 to stage one of the 15 attack scenarios in his repertoire. So far he has carried out 15 mock attacks in Almaty, mostly for students. But his clients have also included schoolchildren and men over 30. He says word has spread through social networks and the "bush telegraph."

The enterprising student puts the popularity of his scheme down to its originality. "It’s not about giving flowers or an expensive telephone – this is a real action," Temirbayev enthuses, apparently without irony.

Top image: A statue of an actual hero in Kazakhstan.

This post originally appeared on Eurasianet, an Atlantic partner site.

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