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Height of the Day: 720 Meters

India aspires to build the world's second-tallest skyscraper. If completed, the India Tower would rise 720 meters, beating out the Shanghai Tower (which clocks in at 632 meters) for the silver medal. But will it even get built?

A report from Barclay Capital notes "the disturbing correlation between the building of skyscrapers and times of economic collapse." According to Global Post:

Such clusters of building activity usually coincide with periods of easy credit, excessive optimism and rising land prices, the report says, which can be warning signs before collapse ... Is India, which only has two skyscrapers right now but has plans to complete 14 more over the next five years, getting the architectural version of too big for its britches?

The Economic Times predicts that the country's growth will slow in 2012. China (home to half the skyscrapers currently under construction) faces much less dire predictions. As such, the Shanghai Tower might well be safe for now.

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