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88 Ways to Reimagine This Dull, Boxy Building

There's nothing all that interesting about the NH Deutscher Kaiser Hotel building in Munich, Germany. But photographer Victor Enrich sees its potential.

Through the power of digital visualization tools, Enrich has re-imagined a boxy, concrete building 88 different ways. These reconfigurations were completed with 3D modeling software and Photoshop over the course of 6 months.

While many of the configurations clearly violate the laws of physics, quite a few are actually believable -- like these: 

The real building is shown in the last image, above. But the other plausible alternatives suggest potentially better ways of inhabiting that space. Enrich, who had studied architecture in Barcelona, writes in an email, "Generally, cities are lacking public spaces, parks or open squares, so I guess that any of the pictures that leaves an open space for the city would be better than its actual shape."

The project is a response to Enrich’s feeling that architectural "form" captures too much of our attention. The whole series tries to take "form" to its illogical extremes -- just consider these more surrealistic examples:

Why 88? The number is a tribute to Enrich's past training in classical piano. In a dramatic but appropriate move, Enrich made a video that sets all of the variations to the tune of 88 piano keys. Warning: it's mildly seizure-inducing. 

All images courtesy of Victor Enrich

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